P6: Food-Processing Robotics

The food-processing use-case will address poultry processing and more specifically, the composi- tion of product packs with densely-packed products positioned in a stylised way, and the bi-manual removal or cutting of selected parts of chicken products. Using the capabilities developed in projects P1 to P4 this use-case addresses the challenge of how to deal with variation in shape and size of objects (chicken fillets, wings, thighs), deformability of objects and, to a limited extent, variation in containers.

Program coherence: This use-case project will receive input from P1 to P4. This use-case project will provide requirements in terms of functionality and performance as well as data to P1 to P4. Similarities in software and hardware architectures to be used in projects P5, P6 and P7 will be explored and exploited.


User involvement: Marel, Protonic, Aris, ABB, Celler Land, Maxon Motor.