Delft University of Technology

Cognitive Robotics Robert Babuska, research line leader of RL1.
Robert is a full professor of Intelligent Con- trol and Robotics and section leader of Learning and Autonomous Control in the Cognitive Robotics Group and will contribute with over 25 years of experience with research in computational intelligence, machine learning, control, and system identification, including applications in robotics, mechatronics, process control, and medicine.

Dr.-Ing. Jens Kober, project leader of P3.
Jens is an assistant professor and will contribute with his extensive experience in machine learning applied to the control of robot arms, focusing on complex robot-environment interactions.

Interactive Mechanisms and Mechatronics Just Herder.
Just is a full professor. His “VIDI” personal grant research project was on the synthesis and analysis of single-piece compliant mechanisms. As such, his knowledge is closely related to the present research proposal, where synthesis methods and experimental set- ups need to be developed for compliant gripping mechanisms.